Doggy's Big Day has excellent testimonials from dog walking and pet sitting clients.  Our clients love us and we love them!  Many of our clients are also willing to give you their feedback over the phone, so if you are interested in checking our references, let us know!



We have a 7 year old Border Collie mix who came to us after an unknown past. He's always been very skittish and worried about his surroundings, and cautious of people outside of his 'tribe'. Border Collies need a lot of exercise and stimulation, and Dreamer just wasn't getting everything he needed consistently some days. He's not a great candidate for doggy daycare because of his nervousness around new people, and we struggled to find a good solution for him. Along came Doggys Big Day and Forest Call to the rescue, and Dreamer's life has changed in ways we never imagined it would. Forest has given Dreamer something we could have never given him by introducing him to a rotating cast of canine friends to romp and hike with and teaching him to trust a human outside of his tribe who is there for him every step of the way. Forest has forever changed Dreamer's life - he's increasingly confident, and I've never seen him happier. Forest sends me a photo montage every day after their hikes, and Dreamer is beaming from ear to ear in every photo.. Thank you so much Forest, and Doggy's Big Day for making my sweet Dreamer the happiest boy he can be!

Deb N.


Lacey, Rupert, Roxy

Doggy’s Big Day is the BEST!  Hannah took care of our dogs for a long weekend and we were so pleased.  We had photos sent to us of our pups and honestly some of the best photos we have ever had of them J You could tell that the dogs were not stressed and happy for sure. Hannah’s communication was excellent from start to finish.  She was impeccable with sorting out details pre-trip and left us a note upon our return about her stay.  We have two very senior dogs which can be a lot of work and we feel like they were so well taken care of.  We came home to a stress free environment with happy dogs.  We will definitely use Hannah again!

Ashley & Rich J


Sadie and Rusty

Linda has done an awesome job working with my two lab mixes. She takes them on hikes, walks, runs, and plays with them. She is able to stay overnight with them when I am out of town, and they are able to stay in the comfort of their home during that time which is a HUGE bonus. Her rates are extremely affordable, and she has done a wonderful job caring for them and providing them with socialization opportunities that have benefited them.  My one dog has some special needs, and she has increased his confidence around other dogs. My dogs love her, and I know that they are being well cared for when they are with Linda. I love the days that she takes care of them. They are tired and well exercised when I come home from work, and it allows me time to do other things.

Mary K.



Linda doesn't oversell herself on this site-- She really IS Dog-Nanny Extraordinaire! My dog (Jack) has been nervous at times about new situations, especially when his "Mama" leaves him with strange people and dogs. (He was bitten a few years ago.) He has never enjoyed going to the small open kennel where we've boarded him for many years. When we went to Linda's house for a Meet and Greet, I knew right away this was the right home for him. He fit in so well in her little family. I appreciate how she limits the number of dogs she allows to stay at her home. Her own dogs are very accustomed to new playmates, so Jack was able to have fun with the family, while not having to adjust constantly to new pets being introduced to the pack. I think it was also ideal that all her dogs are smaller breeds. It was so wonderful to receive pictures and updates of Jack's new adventures and outings. The little guys taught him how to chase birds and went hiking. I think my dog had just as much fun vacationing with Linda as I had in France! She provides more attention and TLC than he gets at home. The pictures she sent were fun, and really showed me how Jack fit into the "family" so well. I've been home 2 days now, and I think Jack misses his new friends. :) I think if he could talk he would be asking to go back for another visit. Linda is charming, relaxed, personable, and professional. She appears very experienced and competent, and genuinely cares about both the pets and their owners. With such a fabulous nanny available, we decided to book her again already! Thank you, Linda!!

Marci C.



I think Forest is a great dog walker! Oliver loves hanging out with Forest and his dog! I love that on days I am unable to take Ollie on a walk, he can take him for a long hike! Not only does Oliver enjoy it, but he is exhausted for the rest of the day, which makes it even better for me after a long day at school or work! 

Gabriella P.



HIGHLY recommend Doggy's Big Day!! We just moved to the SLC area from out of state and have never left our pets (2 dogs and a cat) with anyone that we don't know. Going home for Thanksgiving was a bit stressful when first deciding who would watch our pets, but after meeting Linda and Forest, we immediately felt comfortable leaving them in their care. Throughout our trip, they would send us pictures of the animals to reassure us that all was well. They took our Lab for daily runs and hikes and were extra careful with our older dog, who is both blind and deaf. I strongly feel that the service we received from Doggy's Big Day greatly exceeded our hopes and expectations. We will definitely be using this service for Christmas and have already referred a friend to their company as well. Thank you!! : )

Chelsie and Ryne H.



Linda is truly a “dog whisperer”.  Her connection with her canine friends is nothing short of remarkable.  She watched my Yorkie, Nicky, for 4 nights. I felt complete peace and confidence in knowing that he was in the hands of a loving, conscientious, and gifted caretaker. During my absence, Linda checked in with me several times even including a real-time photo of Nicky.  I have since vowed never to take my furry friend back to doggy daycare. I highly recommend Linda for loving and caring for your pets.

Jannette B.