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Pet Sitting Services in Salt Lake City


Doggy's Big Day proudly offers unmatched pet sitting services in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Our diligent team ensures your furry companion receives top-notch attention, allowing you to enjoy your time worry-free.

Discover Our Pet Sitting

Professional In-Home Pet Sitting

Get peace of mind with our professional in-home pet sitting services. We have trained  sitters who create a familiar environment for your pet, offering individual care in the comfort of your home.​

Option 1: Pet Sitting in Your Home

Welcome to our pet sitting service, where we transform everyday moments into extraordinary adventures for your beloved pets. From feeding and playful moments to leisurely walks and cozy cuddles, we immerse ourselves in ensuring your pets' happiness. But that's not all – we go beyond by tending to your plants, managing your mail, and keeping you updated with heartwarming pictures and timely reports.

  • Visits up to 30 minutes- $30 each

  • Overnight stays in your home start at $125/night (up to 2 pets)

  • Each additional pet is $5

    • Includes:

      • 1 Hour visit between 5-6pm for dinner and a 30 min walk

      • A pet sitter in your home from 8pm to 8am.

      • Breakfast and potty break before your sitter leaves in the a.m.

      • Mail brought in, plants watered, and other simple tasks.

  • If you need additional visits during the day, we will provide them at $30 for each 30-minute visit.

Option 2: Pet Sitting in Our Home

We're happy to host your dog in one of our homes if that suits you better. Since many of us also have dogs, we'd need to arrange a meet and greet to ensure everyone gets along smoothly! Up-to-date vaccinations are essential. When your dog stays with us, they'll have furry friends to play with and exciting new spaces to discover—a bit like a mini-vacation for them too!​​

  • Overnight stays in our home start at $85/24 hr. period (1 dog)

  • Each additional dog is $55

    • Includes:

      • A 30-minute walk each day

      • Meals fed according to your schedule

      • Being a part of your own loving family!

Pet First Aid

Playtime and Companionship

Ensure your pet's happiness by entrusting them to our personalized playtime and companionship services. Our sitters actively engage with your pet, tending to their individual needs while offering the love and attention they truly deserve.

Ready to Ensure Your Pet's Comfort with Our Pet Sitting Services?

Your pet is awesome everyday, and we want to be just as energetic. Contact us today to schedule professional pet sitting services tailored to your furry friend's needs. Let's keep them happy and content!
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