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Dog Walking & Hiking Services in Salt Lake City

Doggy's Big Day strives to create and maintain dog happiness through specialized walking and hiking services in the picturesque landscapes of Salt Lake City. Our team is committed to ensuring your furry friend has the time of their life, with every moment fulfilled. 

Receive your first hike free when you sign up for weekly services. Sign up today and let the adventures begin!

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Personalized One on One Dog Walking (In Your Neighborhood)

Experience the ultimate customized care for your furry friend with Doggy's Big Day one-on-one dog walking service. Our dedicated dog walkers go beyond a simple stroll, ensuring your dog enjoys a tailored adventure around their familiar neighborhood. With individualized attention and a focus on your pet's specific needs, Doggy's Big Day guarantees a happy and fulfilling outing for your beloved canine companion.
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Adventurous Dog Hiking Experiences

For the more adventurous pups, our hiking routes are a perfect match. Explore nature trails and enjoy the great outdoors with our expert guides. Safety is our priority, and your dog will thrive in the company of fellow furry friends during these memorable hikes.

Dog Hiking Rates & Pricing

  • Dogs get 30 minutes of personalized walk time in their own, familiar environment (dog’s local neighborhood)

  • Tailored walks cater to each dog's specific needs, ensuring individualized care and attention during their outing

  • Avoiding interactions with unfamiliar dogs or environments minimizes stress and ensures a safer, more relaxed experience, especially beneficial for anxious or senior dogs or those dogs without good recall

  • Flexibility in scheduling allows for personalized walk times and durations, accommodating the preferences of both your dog's routine

  • One-on-one walks foster a stronger bond between the dog and the walker, establishing trust and familiarity for more enjoyable and beneficial outings.

Walks start at $35 for 1 dog and $40 for 2 dogs from the same house.

Why Have a Private Dog Walk?

Why Join One of Our Hiking Groups? 

  • Dogs enjoy a full hour of off-leash fun on dog-friendly trails, fostering exercise and exploration.

  • We handle pickup and drop-off, eliminating the need for you to transport them

  • Our hikes include basic training, refining their skills for improved behavior at home

  • After their adventure, they return content and primed for a well-deserved nap, having spent 2-3 hours outside

How to Know if Your Dog is a Good Candidate for Group Hikes

  • They enjoy being around other dogs and people

  • They have learned basic commands such as sit, stay and come and respond most of the time

  • They are comfortable in new situations

  • They are at least 9 months old and have been fully vaccinated

  • They don't pull excessively on the leash as they will need to be leashed from the car to the trailhead and back

  • They do not show any signs of aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs

If you aren't quite sure if your dog is ready for group hikes, contact us and we can come to your house and do an assessment for $25. 

Hikes start at $35 for 1 dog and $55 for 2 dogs from the same house.

Ready to Spoil Your Dog with Our Walking & Hiking Services?

Your dog deserves the best and we're here to deliver. Contact us today to schedule a personalized walking or hiking plan for your furry friend. Let's make their day memorable!
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