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This isn't your ordinary doggy daycare and boarding!


Our premium services are for pets who deserve something extra - more one-on-one time, exercise out in the mountains, or a home environment while parents are away.  


Scheduling is easy when you create an account with us and download our scheduling app on your phone!  

Dog Hikes

Dog Adventure Hikes

Group adventure hikes are perfect for social butterflies with lots of energy!

Why join one of our hiking groups?

  • Dogs get 1 full hour of off-leash playtime on dog-friendly hiking trails.
  • They get to socialize with other dogs and make friends!
  • We pick them up from your home and drop them off when we are don't have to take them anywhere!
  • We work on basic training with them during the hikes so they can sharpen their skills and behave better for you!
  • They come home happy and ready for a nap.
  • They will be gone for 2-3 hours giving them more time out of the house.

How to know if your dog is a good candidate for group hikes:  
  • They enjoy being around other dogs and people.
  • They have learned basic commands such as sit, stay and come and respond most of the time.
  • They are comfortable in new situations.
  • They are at least 9 months old and have been fully vaccinated.
  • They don't pull excessively on the leash as they will need to be leashed from the car to the trailhead and back. 
  • They do not show any signs of aggressive behavior toward people or other dogs.

 If you aren't quite sure if your dog is ready for group hikes, contact us and we can come to your house and do an assessment for $25.  
Hikes start at $35 for 1 dog and $55 for 2 dogs from the same house.
Pet Sitting


Option 1: Pet Sitting In Your Home. 
Many pets prefer to stay in their own homes where they are comfortable and familiar with their environment.  Our petting sitting services allow your pets to feel more peaceful and at ease while you are away.

Pet sitting includes:
feeding, watering, playing, going for walks, cleaning cages or kitty litters, snuggling, watering plants, bringing in mail, regular updates and pictures sent to you!

Option 2: Pet sitting in Our Home. 
We can take your dog into one of our own homes, if you prefer.  Most of us have dogs at home, too, so a meet and greet would be required to make sure everyone gets along!  Current vaccinations are a must.  If your dog comes to one of our homes, there will be friends to play with and new surroundings to explore...almost like having a mini-vacation as well!  


❖ Visits up to 30 minutes- $30 each
❖ Overnight stays in your home start at $125/night (up to 2 pets)
    Each additional pet is $5

             1 Hour visit between 5-6pm for dinner and a 30 min walk
             A pet sitter in your home from 8pm to 8am.
             Breakfast and potty break before your sitter leaves in the a.m.
             Mail brought in, plants watered, and other simple tasks.

❖ If you need additional visits during the day, we will provide them at $30 for each 30-minute visit.

Overnight stays in our home start at $85/24 hr. period (1 dog)
    Each additional dog is $55

              A 30-minute walk each day
              Meals fed according to your regular schedule
              Being a part of our own loving family!


If your dog needs some help with training, we offer several options to assist you.  Whether it's basic puppy obedience or corrective behavior training, one of our preferred trainers will give you the help you need!  Please contact us and we will put you in touch with a qualified trainer to create the perfect plan for you and your pup!

Pet First Aid


We now offer in-person classes to certify you in pet first aid and CPR!  Make sure you are prepared for an emergency and know what to do before getting your pet to the vet.  You could save your pets life if you know some basic first aid skills.  

For more information on our class and to sign up click the button below. 

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