Our dog walking and pet sitting services are competitively priced and allow you to be away from home guilt free!  Your pets will always get an abundance of love, care, exercise and attention when they are with us. We will send you daily updates via text along with pictures of our adventures together, and we promise to love them like they are our own!



All dogs need exercise!  Big or small, exercise helps dogs release stress and excess energy, behave better around the house, and it helps them maintain good health as they age.
We can help you get your dog walked every day with our professional dog walking services.  We will take your dog out for you on either a walk around the neighborhood or a hike in the mountains.  
Group dog hikes are a great way to get your dog exercised and socialized at the same time.  We pick up and drop off your dog, and take him out with 3-4 other dogs on a hike in the canyon.  Some of our favorite places for dog walking are Millcreek Canyon, Neff's Canyon and Ferguson Canyon which are all dog friendly and give your dog the chance to run and play off-leash and explore the mountains.  Dogs love it!

Group dog hikes are a full hour or more of off-leash play time.  We keep our groups small, usually no more than 4-5 dogs at a time so we can keep all dogs supervised and protected.  We practice basic commands while on our outings, and your dog will be sure to come home well exercised!

Mention you saw this on our website to get your first dog hike for $13.50!
Group hikes - $27 for the first dog.  $17 for each additional dog from the same household.  Dogs must have good recall and show no signs of aggression towards dogs or people. Travel costs may apply for services outside of our coverage areas.
Individual dog walking on leash - $32/hour or $22/half an hour for one dog.  $5 for each additional dog walked together.  (Dogs must be good on-leash, especially multiple dogs walking at once.)


Don't leave your pets in a kennel while you're out of town!  Most pets do much better if they can stay in their own homes where they are comfortable and familiar with their environment.  Our petting sitting services allow your pets to feel more peaceful and at ease while you are away.  We can either visit your home as many times a day as you would like to check on your pet, feed, water, play with him, take him on walks, clean cages or kitty litters, or we can stay at your home overnight.  Either way, your pets will get one-on-one attention, lots of love, and a warm human to sleep with if that's what they desire.
On occasion we may be able to take your dog into one of our own homes, if you prefer.  Most of us have dogs at home, too, so a meet and greet would be required to make sure everyone gets along!  Current vaccinations are a must.  If your dog comes to one of our homes, he will have friends to play with and new surroundings to explore...almost like having a mini-vacation himself!  
Regardless of which service you choose, you can feel at ease knowing your dog is being loved and cared for in a home environment!

❖ Visits up to 30 minutes- $22 each
❖ Overnight stays in your home- $55 from approx. 6pm - 9am
❖ Overnight stay in your home with an additional midday visit - $72
❖ Overnight stays in our home - $55/24 hr. period


If your dog needs some help with training, we offer several options to assist you.  Whether it's basic puppy obedience or corrective behavior training, one of our preferred trainers will give you the help you need!  Please contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our trainers to create the perfect plan for you and your pup!


Try Our Dog Hikes For Only

$13.50! (50% off regular price)

Are you interested in getting Fido out of the house and into the mountains, but don't have time to do it yourself?  Our group dog hikes are the absolute bomb for dogs with lots of energy who love to run free!  Your dog will get at least a full hour of hiking time with 3-4 other dogs who will no doubt become his best friends.  Group hikes are awesome for socializing as well as exercising! 


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Visit our list of services for more information and pricing.


*Dogs must be non-aggressive towards humans and other dogs and be obedient off-leash to participate in group hikes.  They must also be spayed or neutered and current on rabies and vaccinations.