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5 Signs Your Dog Is Secretly Thanking You!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just around the corner? It's the time of year when we all start getting reflective. We think about all the things we're grateful for, and it can be a really moving experience. Do you ever stop to really consider what you appreciate about your pets? Do they make you laugh with their quirky little personalities? Do they comfort you when you're sick or feeling sad? Do they help you stay healthy with their insatiable need for walks every day? Sometimes, just watching the happy way they walk or their intense focus when they're sniffing the ground can stir up feelings of love and gratitude for them. How blessed we are that they let us share our lives with them!

But what about our pets? Do they feel gratitude? How do they show it? They can't verbally tell us thank you, but they might just be secretly thanking us with their actions!

Here are 5 signs your pet is secretly grateful for you!

  1. They always come running when they hear your voice.

  2. They give you lots of kisses and cuddles.

  3. They never miss an opportunity to beg for food or treats.

  4. When you're not home, they destroy your furniture out of boredom.

  5. They always sleep at the foot of your bed, or in it.

Whether or not your pets are vocal about it, they appreciate everything you do for them. From feeding them and taking them on walks to cleaning up their accidents, you are the one who makes their lives better. So this Thanksgiving, take a moment to give thanks for your furry friend and know that they are grateful for you, too!

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