Gracie giving me a wet willy! Gracie was a very timid dog in the shelter and was having a difficult time warming up to any potential adopters.  After spending a week at home with me, she became a much more confident, friendly dog and was adopted a week later at our pet adoption event!

Baby Girl aka Peaches was a senior Pit Bull mix that was at the Humane Society for several months before being taken to the Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab where she had a much better chance of getting the care she needed as a senior and finding the perfect home.  In the meantime, I spent many hours with her.  She even came home with me for some overnight visits.  I'll never forget my Peaches!

These messy little kittens are in the weaning stage at the nursery.  They are learning to eat food on their own, and since they don't have mamas to clean them when they are done, they rely on volunteers to lovingly wipe them down with warm wet wipes after feeding time.  Fortunately, they will start cleaning themselves soon!

Volunteer to Save Lives!


Doggy's Big Day is very involved in animal rescue, fostering dogs, and other volunteer work in our community.  We would love to have you join us in our goal to save the lives of our beloved animal friends.  There are so many opportunities to serve!  These are a few of the ways we are contributing in the Salt Lake area.  Feel free to contact us if you would like more information on getting involved in any of these organizations.






Fostering an animal is a very personal way to make a huge difference in a life that is awaiting its forever home.  Many of the dogs we foster would have been euthanized or would have had to endure stressful conditions in a shelter for months because they are not easily adoptable.  Doggy's Big Day volunteers with local rescue groups that pull these animals from shelters and place them in foster homes where they can be given the individual attention and medical treatment they need in order to be adopted.  


Fostering is a great way to try out a dog, too, if you are looking for one of your own.  If it is the perfect fit for you, you get the first option to adopt it yourself.  If it's not quite the right one, you are still making a significant contribution to getting that animal into its perfect home.  It really is a win win and highly rewarding when your little foster dog gives you daily love and kisses to say, "thank you"!


Visit our LINKS page to find more info on the rescue groups we recommend in Salt Lake.





Did you know that the Humane Society of Utah and the local shelters are dependant on volunteers to get all of the dogs out of their kennels each day to go to the bathroom and get exercise?  If it weren't for the volunteers, these poor dogs may have to sit in their kennels all day without a break!  


Dog walking is a fun way to interact with the dogs, help them have fun and release stress, and give them the hope and love they need while they are waiting for their new family to come along.  The dogs are so appreciative and so are the shelters.  


In addition to walking the dogs, volunteers help clean out kennels, assist customers looking to adopt, and help out at special events.  If dogs aren't your thing, there are lots of opportunities to help out with the cats and small animals as well!


Contact the Humane Society of Utah directly or your nearest animal shelter to ask about volunteer opportunities.




Even though Doggy's Big Day is primarily involved with dogs, we love and care about all animals!  Volunteering at the Best Friends Kitten Nursery is one way to get our kitten fix and give tiny helpless babies a chance at life.  From April until November, hundreds of kittens are found and delivered to the shelters where there is not enough staff to care for them.  Kittens require feeding every 2 hour when they are brand new, and trying to keep up with that is a difficult task!  That's why Best Friends has created the nursery which is run on volunteers and staff to make sure the babies get everything they need to grow into playful, healthy kittens that can be adopted.  As a volunteer, you will get to experience every stage of the kittens growth from bottle feeding at one day old to the rough and tumble kitten play at 8 weeks of age.  What stage is our favorite?  Impossible to choose...they are all so adorable!!


If you want to be a part of saving these sweet little lives, contact Best Friends and sign up for an orientation. Hopefully, we will see you there!







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