Keeping Your Dog Happy!

May 5, 2016

     Instead of being busy doing the full time job for which they were bred, most of our canine companions are left at home all day while we are at work.  This can leave our furry friends with a lot of pent up energy, feelings of intense boredom, and even depression.  They need activities to keep their minds and bodies occupied.  Pets can become destructive when they feel ignored; remember a tired dog is generally a well-behaved dog!
Here are some great ways to have fun and keep your pooch stimulated:
~ Change up your daily walks, give your dog new sights, smells, and sounds to boost stimulus.
~Play a game of hide and seek, play tug of war, or even indoor fetch.
~Teach your dog a new trick or practice and perfect some previously learned commands.
~Use sensory pet toys such as squeakers, laser pointers, and animal safe bubbles to challenge by using touch, sight, and sound.
~Interactive puzzle games help build your dog's memory and recall skills and are important for mental stimulation, and mental exercise can wear your dog out and strengthen your bond.
~Treat dispensing toys make your dog work physically and mentally for their daily kibble. It's a great way to turn their 5 minute dinner into a 30 minute workout game! 

     Another wonderful bonus of our daily interaction with our dogs and cats is the human physical and psychological health benefits.  Petting your dog or cat prevents and/or relieves depression because pets are natural mood enhancers.  Pet owners have a lower risk of heart disease, cardiac arrest, and strokes.  Researchers have found that children who grow up in a home with pets are less likely to develop allergies. 

Want strong bones?  Keep up those walks with your dog.  Our pets give us so much love and affection; the added health benefits sure beat extra visits to the doctor's office!  Let's keep our furry friends healthy and happy by staying committed to their daily exercise needs.
Places to find games and toys that challenge your dog: has an assortment of eco-friendly toys and games. has a variety of puzzle games that will challenge all levels. has food dispensing wobblers.



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