Do You Support Animal Testing?

February 6, 2016

Look at that face!  Aren’t those big brown eyes absolutely adorable?  You’d never want to poke them with needles or pry them open and put poison in them or subject them to chemicals that could blind them….would you?  Do you? 

Of course not…at least not by your own hand, but is it possible that indirectly you may be contributing to that exact kind of torture when you purchase cosmetics and other products that are tested on animals? 
This little Beagle named Jordan was rescued from a research lab that does just that…tests on animals.  Jordan was kept in a cage for the first year of her life and tattooed with a number inside her ear so that she could be one of the many Beagles in the lab to be used for experiments. 

Oh, you thought animal testing was illegal these days?  Well, think again.  There are still over 70,000 Beagles that are tested on each year, not to mention the many other animals including cats and monkeys that live sad and lonely lives in small cages and get poked and prodded every day. 

Fortunately, there are some non-profit organizations out there like Beagle Freedom Project who are working to end unnecessary experimenting on animals and who are pressuring labs to release the animals once they are finished testing on them, so they can have a chance to live out their lives in a loving home.  Typically, animals are euthanized once the labs have completed experimenting on them, which could be 1 year or it could be 10.  Imagine having to live any or all of your life like that! 
Little Jordan was lucky to be one of the dogs who was rescued from a lab once they were done with her, and now she lives in a very happy home with her Beagle friend named Lizzy.  You would never know Jordan had such a traumatizing first year of her life.  She is happy and friendly and playful, and she is one of our newest clients, so we get to love on her every day! 

So, what can you do to make sure you are not contributing to animals like Jordan being tested on in labs?  For starters, don’t purchase products from companies that test on animals!  Check out this list of household name brands that DO test on animals.  You may be surprised.
You can also search for companies that do NOT test on animals here.
There are plenty of companies that don’t participate in animal testing that can provide all of the cosmetics, cleaning products, and household items you need.  With just a little awareness, you can remember to choose those brands rather than the ones you may regularly use and send a powerful message to these businesses!

So, please, for the love of dogs…and all animals stuck in labs everywhere…get involved in the cause.  Let these companies know you care more about the welfare of animals like Jordan than you do about consuming the products they create.  We have the power to make a difference through the choices we make!  
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