Preparing for Rattlesnake Season!

May 15, 2015

The warm weather is upon us and so are the rattlesnakes! Living in a desert area as we do, we get to share our beautiful canyons with these deadly creatures.  Rattlesnake bites are 25 times more deadly to dogs than to humans, so if your dog is a regular hiker in the moutains or foothills of Salt Lake, please consider taking some precautions!




One thing we are hoping to do is bring a professional trainer to Salt Lake who teaches dogs to stay away from rattlesnakes.  He uses live defanged snakes in his 1 day training, and your dog will never need to be trained again after taking his course!  


For information on this course, visit 


We are working on getting this course set up as soon as possible, so if you are intersted in joining our group, let me know, and we will keep you posted on dates and times.


Another option for protecting your dogs against rattlesnakes this season is getting the rattlesnake vaccination from your vet.   Thousands of vets nationwide recommend the vaccine and they are very safe with only about 1% of dogs having any side effects at all.  If you are wondering about rattlesnake vaccinations, read these facts and talk to your vet.


As the weather gets hotter, Doggy's Big Day will start going on hikes earlier in the day to avoid the hottest times when rattlesnakes are most likely to be out sunning themselves.  Take your own dogs hiking in the morning or evening when it is cooler, and keep your own eyes and ears peeled while you are hiking.  If you can keep your dogs from running through the trees and instead encourage them to stay on the trail where a snake would be more visible, do so.  Of course, if your dogs are like mine, that's a nearly impossible task, and therefore greater precautions are in order!


If you have any other tips or advice on preparing for rattlesnake season, please feel free to contribute.  Let's make summer a fun and safe season for all of us!

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