Cottonwood Heights Dog Walkers

Although located in between both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, Cottonwood Heights residents nevertheless cannot take their dogs to either of these canyons because both are watersheds. You can, however, take your dog to Ferguson Canyon, Millcreek Canyon, or Tanner Dog Park, all three of which are common trails for Doggy's Big Day outings. With our services, you can leave for work each day guilt-free about leaving your best friend home because you know that she will be getting some love and attention, along with a good dose of exercise, with one of our professional Cottonwood Heights area dog walkers. She will be returned home relaxed and thinking about a nap after all the fun with us. Our dog walkers also keep you up to date on her adventures by sending you a text message with a picture of her recent outing.

Does your furry friend spend too much time lazing around home? Does she need to increase her exercise time? Doggy's Big Day can help you out through either taking her for a walk in your Cottonwood Heights neighborhood, or via picking her up for one of our group dog hikes. We venture to nearby trails for off-leash play time with a fun pack. By becoming a Doggy's Big Day pack member, your best friend will make a good number of friends. One of our professional dog walkers arrives at your home to pick up your dog, and then will return her to your house after the group dog hike is finished. Your dog will love her time with about 3 to 4 other dog buddies on a fun group dog hike that will last a minimum of 1 hour. Also, your dog will keep up on her basic training by practicing basic commands while hiking along with her pack friends and professional dog walker. 

Please contact us for details. You can send an email to, or call (385) 202-3648. We will arrange a free in-home consultation, and if your pooch is a good match for one of our group dog hikes, then you can try the first hike for half price at only $12.50.  

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